Revolutionary treatment from the Phi Academy, which proves to be working and achieving top results. Microneedling aims to stimulate microcirculation and stimulate natural processes of the skin's biregeneration.

This revolutionary treatment gives your skin deep hydration, increased tonus of the skin which becomes smooth and firm. It pushes collagen from the skin into action, while wrinkles become less visible and the skin looks younger and fresher.

Different ampoules can solve various problems.

The offer includes:
- JIVE or TANGO microneedling gel for deep skin hydration, ironing of wrinkles, and skin's collagen stimulation
SCARS PHI NEEDLING GEL for scars on the face, ankles, acne scars
- SPOTS PHI NEEDLING - gel for removing sun spots, mature skin spots or any other hormonal and skin changes.
- HAIR GROW MICRONEEDLING - a gel that stimulates hair growth

After the treatment TANGO FACE MASK or JIVE FACE MASK is used, and you are given ULTIMATE SKIN COCTKTAIL, highly concentrated hyaluronic cocktail for your home use after the treatment.

The treatment lasts about 45 minutes and the best results are visible after approximately 3 treatments, every 2 weeks.