Hyaluron Pen


PHINJECTION is a device that does not use needles to apply hyaluronic acid into the skin. The device injects fluid through a specially designed sterile ampoule containing an aperture capable of injecting a very thin liquid stream that can penetrate through the skin.

The first question we get from the client's is: "What is the difference between the use of hyaluronic acid products with a needle and this needle-free system?"

Advantages of the needless technique is:
- Minimal or no pain
- Better placement and distribution
- Easy handling
- Removing broken needles and removing residuals
- Less damage to the skin, less frequent bruising

Phinjection device successfully solves nazolabial wrinkles, puffball wrinkles, we put our lips to the desired size without the possibility of the effect of the lips.

The treatment lasts 40 minutes, and the durability depends primarily on the client's own body.

The effect lasts most usually 6 months or more, and with the reapplication hyaluronic molecules are linked and the life span is longer.