Japanese eyebrow drawing (microblading)


The most popular eyebrow technique in the world, known as JAPANESE EYEBROW SHAPING METHOD in Croatia, or MICROBLADING in other parts of the world, delightens both women and men equally. The Japanese eyebrow shaping method is a semi-permanent make - up that gives your eyebrows a very natural and realistic look.

The shape of the eyebrows is measured and determined according to the Golden Ratio (Phi 1,618) and the client's facial anatomy. During the application, special compasses and Phibrows application method are used. The client's eyes are closed, because in that way the muscles in charge of the facial mimic which can affect facial symmetry are relaxed.

The application method which we use with our clients is specific and unique for each client. The treated eyebrow fits that person and her/his face shape exclusively. Japanese eyebrow shaping method is a specific process for each client. The shape and thickness of the eyebrow can be adjusted in consultation with the client.

The SUPE formula is the fifth generation of Phibrows pigment, meaning that the original synthetic formula of microblading has been improved four times so far. In addition to health safety, which is the most important feature of semi-permanent make-up, the second most important feature is the pigment stability. The SUPE formula contains three exceptionally stable colors that give an incredible originality. Color fades more slowly and keeps the desired shade until it disappears completely. Phibrows pigment is the first pigment in the market for which the manufacturer guarantees that it will not change the color to unwanted shades over time.

The most common question asked is: "Will the eyebrows get a red shade eventually? "
The answer to this question is "NO".

These colors do not contain harmful iron oxide which leaves a red shade after washing away.

Phibrows pigments are:
- hypoallergenic
- in accordance with RESAP resolution 2008
- vegan
- not tested on animals
- Iron oxide free and contain 100% non-damaging metals

The eyebrow filling method is performed with a one-time sterile material from the Phiacademy. Hair is pulled in the direction of the client's natural hair growth, to get the most realistic look as possible. The pain during the treatment is negligable and short, about 1 minute per each eyebrow and can be compared with the eyebrow plucking. After the treatment, a mild anesthetic is applied and there is no pain. Eyebrows are up to 40% darker and 10-15% thicker after the treatment. Color and thickness are regulated in the first 7-10 days. The correction is done after 28 days at the earliest if the correction should be needed at all and the missing pigments and missing hairs filled. The final look of the eyebrows depends a lot on proper post-treatment care, skin quality and external influences.

After the treatment, the client is given instructions on the post-treatment care.